Hi! My name’s Justin, and I’m the creator of Pedalboard Coffee. Pedalboard Coffee started in 2019 in Gilroy, CA. It started with me trying my hand at home roasting because I’m cheap and didn’t like how much I was spending on coffee paying twenty something dollars a bag for good coffee. This was me roasting up my very first batch!

That did not work, by the way! Don’t try a popcorn popper on a bbq grill at home! Hey, I figured doing it outside would help with the smoke, and all I had outside was the grill. What I did later come to discover that worked for a long time was my Behmor! Highly recommended!

I would then grab a bunch of different beans from Coffee Bean Corral (also highly recommended!), and I had a lot of fun with it. In fact, if you ever want to get into home roasting, get yourself a Behmor and some Misty Valley from C.B.C.,take it just past first crack, and you’ll have yourself an Ethiopian natural that will knock your socks off! This was actually the first roast that made me believe that I could sell this to others – that I could make coffee just as good as what I was paying top dollar for in the Bay Area. So that’s what I did. I started selling to friends, and I had a lot of fun doing it. People would text me for a bag, and I’d swing by and drop it off. I had a blast!

But then I actually became allergic to coffee roasting! I don’t know what it was, the green (unroasted beans), the smoke, the chaff, or something, but I had to hang it up because it was getting pretty bad. That’s when I decided to partner with a roaster to keep high quality beans in the bag and continue having fun with this coffee + guitar brand, because I not only love coffee; I really love the beautiful, artistic world of guitar pedals, and the two passions really hit a wonderful crossroads for me that I wanted to share with others. So I hope you enjoy exploring these amazing coffees and tag a pedal loving friend with it, because what Pedalboard Coffee truly is is a community of people who love coffee and guitar!